New beginning…à la Toots Zynsky

For the first time in years, i find myself having time for me. That’s a nice feeling, sure, but confronts me to questions like “what will I do now ?”.  Ok, it’s probably the perfect time to leave the world of commissions and work for me. I guess…

Since several years, I have this attraction for the work of an american glass artist, Toots Zynsky, who works with ultra-thin glass stringers to create beautiful pieces.

One of Toots Zynsky's work

She calls her technique “filet de verre”, and that’s quite appropriate when you see how flexible the stringers are ! In this short video, you can see her talking about her Art.

I do not have the possibility to do such thin stringers but I can try to work with what I have. So I will try to do something “à la Toots Zynsky” using the Bullseye stringers I have in my atelier. Basically, I will be forming a layer of stringers over a 3 mm sheet of clear glass (i do not have enough stringers, that’s why), propping it over a draping mold of some sort (may be even trying a roll of thick fiber oven paper…) and slowly heating to a slump. I will most likely be able to do only a candle holder as my kiln is not too big, but it promises to be loads of fun and experimenting !

Nice ! I know what I do today ^_^


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