Shifting viewpoint

Did I say that I bought some Bullseye Steel Blue Glass (0146-50 for the ones who want to know) ? It got me kind of distracted from my “Zynsky” project the moment I saw it. I had in mind a piece very much like Udo Zembok. I love the way his work feels and looks.

A work of Udo Zembok

I wanted to achieve this effect but in a simplified way , however the transparency of the finished piece would not have matched my expectations. At all. I realised then, that to achieve that effect, i probably would have to work with tinted frit. This became then a whole different project, one I was not geared for just now. Ok. It was time to stop, think and possibly change my viewpoint on what to do with that nice glass.

Enter Steve Klein’s work. From the moment I first saw his work on the Bullseye gallery, i knew it was here to stay with me, becoming a source of inspiration. At the time I was working with float glass strips, fusing them side by side, and lighting the finished piece with LEDs. My work then shifted to some whole different places, but it is something that is rooted deep down in me. In this short video, Steve Klein is telling more about his Art.

I find it eerie that, literally, he is speaking a language that I could speak. I do not have his skills, I do not see the world through the same eyes, but the representation he is giving is touching me and inspiring me so much.

So true to myself, i try to achieve a work in a style similar to Steve Klein. That blue glass will become somehow akin to the art piece below. A place from which I will depart to work on my own vision.

One of Steve Klein's Artwork


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